domingo, 8 de mayo de 2016



  • *1987 - Brit Awards i Ivor Novello, Millor Senzill-West End Girls
  • *1988 - Brit Awards i Ivor Novello, Millor grup Britànic: Pet Shop Boys.
  • *1988 - Berolina Awards: Best Group of the Year
  • *1991- Music Week's Awards: Best Video Of The Ye
  • ar: Being Boring
  • *1994 -Siggraph Wave Awards: Best Music Video: Liberation
  • *1999-Visqui Comet Awards (Alemanya) : Best International Video: I Don't Know What You Want but I Ca’t Give It Any Habiti
  • *2000 -RSH Gold Awards German i Guinness Records: Millor banda internacional
  • *2003-MTV European Music Awards: Best Music Video: Home and Dry
  • *2003- Award: Pioneers Of Pop: Outstanding Contribution to Pop Music
  • *2004-'Q' Award: Inspiration Award
  • *2007- Píxel Awards: Pet Shop Boys web design
  • *2008-Guinness Records: Music: El més exitós duo en la Història de Pop
  • *2009-Brit Awards: Outstanding Contribution to Music
  • *2011-Evening Standard Award: Beyond Theatre Award
  • *2013-'Q' Award: Outstanding Contribution To Music
  •  *2015-MAMA: Worldwide Inspiration Award

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